Application services

Orbis Integrated Solutions’ cost-effective, software development service enables customers to bring competitive software solutions and products to market quickly.

Orbis Integrated Solutions offers its customers distinct advantages:

• Development processes geared towards rapid time-to-market needs
• Rapid access and deployment of high quality IT resources
• Around-the-clock development and support
• Expertise in multiple technical domains to focus on rapid development of specialized solutions
• Onsite personnel to manage activities, freeing customers to focus on their core development strategies
• A seasoned management team with years of experience in the software development industry

Orbis Integrated Solutions’ extensive experience in the global development of world-class software products allows our project teams to become seamless extensions of our customers’ software development initiatives and ongoing maintenance and enhancements.

Approach –
Orbis Integrated Solutions understands the value of applying consistent methodologies and the importance of measuring results. Our projects are delivered as planned, and refined through years of client engagements to produce the most seamless exchange of ideas.

Orbis Integrated Solutions’ Best Practices
1. Manage requirements
2. Validate requirements through visual prototypes
3. Use component-based architectures
4. Develop technology prototypes early
5. Develop software iteratively
6. Continuously verify software quality
7. Control changes to software

Our resulting approach is a rigorous, streamlined approach to development that
controls costs, shortens cycle times and delivers high-impact quality output, enabling us to integrate state of the art software solutions rapidly, while maintaining the strictest quality standards.