LocatePLUS Worldwide Information Subsidiary Wins Exclusive Partnership with the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles

BEVERLY, MA – March 3: LocatePLUS Holdings Corp. (OTC BB: LPLHA, LPLHB, LPLHW), an industry-leading provider of business-to-business and business-to-government investigative solutions, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Worldwide Information, Inc., (WWI) has entered into an exclusive technology partnership with the State of New Hampshire’s Department of Safety – Motor Vehicles ( http://nh.gov/safety/index.html ). Orbis Integrated Solutions (Orbis), a WWI systems integration and development partner, will implement the WWI technology solutions at the State of New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), serving more than 200 users.

Worldwide Information has been chosen to supply and integrate an Intranet-based database of New Hampshire’s DMV records, including driving license records. WWI will develop a highly targeted and specialized database that can be remotely accessed by New Hampshire’s state and local law enforcement agencies, along with federal and government personnel. A Virtual Private Network will also be established to allow for quick turnaround of data updates into the State of New Hampshire system.

Colonel Frederick Booth of the NH Department of Safety stated, “A partnership with WWI puts our department at the forefront of technology. WWI enables officers to perform searches on partial or very limited information. Whether we input one number from a plate or simply the color of a vehicle, WWI allows you to drill down to more information, delivering nearly instantaneous, up-to-date profiles of individuals. We are thrilled to supply our officers with this truly state-of-the-art and user friendly database.”

Sonia Bejjani, president of Worldwide Information, Inc., stated, “Worldwide Information and our parent company, LocatePLUS, are honored to be selected as the first and only company to create an Intranet-based system for the State of New Hampshire’s RMV records database. This partnership represents an important milestone for our company in meeting the needs of the nation’s high-level state, local and federal agencies. With our new development/integration partner Orbis, WWI continues to extend our sales beyond our traditional CD-ROM product offerings into higher end specialized services.”

Patrick Lee, President of Orbis Integrated Solutions, Inc., stated, “We are excited to support WWI in furthering their solutions into other market opportunities by leveraging our systems integration and delivery capabilities. The success of this project for New Hampshire can create a template to provide other state and municipalities with much needed Intranet-based identity and investigative solutions throughout the U.S.”

About Orbis Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Orbis Integrated Solutions is a business consulting and technology services firm that plans, designs, implements, and manages information technology to improve business performance for our clients. Orbis’ principal drive is to work closely with our global clients to collaboratively deliver the best possible solutions to our customers. Orbis’ collaborative model combined with industry, design, technology, and process expertise, allows clients to arrive at higher quality solutions faster and more cost- effectively. More information about Orbis can be found at http://www.orbis-is.com.

About Worldwide Information, Inc.

Worldwide Information, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of LocatePLUS Holdings Corp., is a leader in providing advanced searching technology. Since 1989, Worldwide Information has offered CD-ROM products using statewide motor vehicle records to provide identity validation services to law enforcement. Over the past decade, the company has expanded from private investigation and customized search services to providing specialized software and packaged databases that deliver complete investigative solutions to its customers. For more information, visit http://www.worldwideinformation.com.

About LocatePLUS

LocatePLUS, and its subsidiaries, are industry-leading providers of public information and investigative solutions that are used in homeland security, anti-terrorism and crime fighting initiatives. The Company’s proprietary, Internet-accessible database is marketed to business-to-business and business- to-government sectors worldwide. LocatePLUS’ online customer base exceeds 16,500 members, including over 2,000 law enforcement agencies, as well as many major police departments across the country. Clients include the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). Channel partners include Loislaw, Earthlink, Imaging Automation, AssureTec, Metro Risk Management Group, LLC, Info-Cop, Data Evolution Holdings, Inc., Great Expectations and the nation’s leading recruitment website. For more information on the Company, visit http://www.locateplus.com.

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